Chapter 21

Visions Witnessed By William Branham
Transcribed From Tape Recordings

The purpose of writing these visions is for the glory of God, and His son Jesus Christ. They were shown to me by His Holy Angel and it is not for any self-praise that they are written. I have been asked by many to write them, and I have taken it upon my heart to relate a few of them. They are very sacred to me.

Some of these visions required time for their fulfillment. But always they came to pass just as they were shown to me. It makes my heart very humble to think that the Almighty would show His servant these things. I tell these things that people may believe on Jesus Christ, and be saved by believing.

Building The Ohio River Bridge

The first vision that I remember seeing was when I was about seven years of age. This vision perhaps did not have the great spiritual meaning that the subsequent ones had, as I was so very young I could not have understood it. But it was God giving me the first glimpse of the working of this particular gift, by which I have seen many things happen before they were fulfilled.

In this vision, which came to me when I was playing with my brother, I saw a large bridge being built across the Ohio River, and a number of workmen falling off of it. I saw just how it was constructed and where it would be. This seemed impossible then, but later it came to pass just as it was shown to me.

Warning Against Spiritualism

For full details of this vision go to Warning Against Spiritualism.

The Unity Of The Church

About two months after the baptizing on the Ohio River, when the star appeared before the hundreds of people who stood on the banks, God gave me a vision. I was getting ready to lay the cornerstone of my tabernacle. Major Ulrey of the Volunteers of America, a friend of mine, was coming over to furnish music for laying of the cornerstone.

On the day of the laying of the cornerstone, l was awakened about six o'clock in the morning. The Indiana sun was well up, and all nature was making music. I looked out the window; the birds were singing, the bees were humming; the fine perfumes of the fragrant honeysuckle were in the air. I lay there thinking, "O Great Jehovah, how wonderful You are. just a little while ago it was dark; now the sun has arisen and all nature is rejoicing." Again I thought, "Soon this world which is cold and dark, will rejoice with nature, because the Son of Righteousness will arise with healing in His wings."

As I was worshipping God, suddenly I felt the angel of the Lord in the room. I turned over in bed and was in a vision immediately. I think that this vision, though I didn't understand it at the time, it has a lot to do with my ministry this day - in my trying to bring into fellowship the churches with each other, that they should not let sectarian ideas separate them, and that each Christian should go to the church of his choice, but at the same time have fellowship and godly love for one another.

Now in the vision I found myself standing on the banks of the River Jordan, preaching the Gospel to the people. I heard a sound behind me, like that made by swine. Looking around I remarked, "This place is polluted. This is sacred ground, where Jesus Himself trod." In the vision I was preaching against this, when the angel of the Lord took me into my tabernacle, although the cornerstone had not yet been laid. (The vision showed the tabernacle as it actually was when it was built.) I looked around. People were packed everywhere, and a large crowd was standing. In the vision I saw three crosses; afterward I placed in my church three crosses as I had seen them in the vision, the larger center one being the pulpit. I exclaimed, "Oh this is wonderful; this is glorious."

Then the Angel of the Lord came to me in the vision and said, "This is not your tabernacle." I remonstrated, "Oh Lord, surely this is 'my' tabernacle." But He answered, "No, come and see." He took me out, and I was looking at the bright blue sky. He said, "This is to be your tabernacle." Looking down again I saw that I was in the midst of a grove of trees and in the center where I was standing, was an aisle. The trees were planted in big green pots. On one side were apples, and on the other side were great plums. On the right and left were two pots with nothing in them.

Next I heard a voice out of heaven, which spoke, "The harvest is ripe, but the laborers are few." I asked, "Lord what can I do?" Then as I looked again I noticed that the trees looked like pews, in the vision of my tabernacle. Down at the end of the row was a big tree standing and it was full of all manner of fruit. On either side of it were two little trees with no fruit - and standing side by side, they seemed as three crosses. I questioned, "What does this mean and what about those pots with nothing in them?" He replied, "You are to plant in those." Then I stood in the breach, taking branches from both trees, and planted them in the pots. Suddenly, out of the pots came two large trees that grew till they reached the heavens.

After that, a mighty rushing wind came and shook the trees. A voice spoke, "Hold out your hands now, you have done well; reap the harvest." I held out my hands and the mighty wind shook into my right hand a great apple, and into my left hand a great plum. He said, "Eat the fruits; they are pleasant." I began eating the fruit, first a bite off of one, then a bite off of the other, and the fruit was deliciously sweet.

I think this vision had to do with the bringing of the peoples of the churches together. In the vision, I was transplanted from one to the other, to bring the same fruits out of both trees. Next I heard a voice say again, "The harvest is ripe and the laborers are few." I looked at the middle tree, and great clusters of apples and plums were hanging all over the tree - which was in the shape of a cross right down to its trunk. I fell down under the tree and cried, "Lord, what can I do?" The wind began to rain fruit all over me, and I heard a voice saying, "When you come out of the vision, read Second Timothy 4." This was repeated three times. Then I found myself in my room.

I grabbed a Bible and began to read, "Preach the word... for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine (doctrinal divisions in the church); but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears... do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry."

I tore that leaf out of my Bible, and placed it with my testimony in the cornerstone that was laid that same day. That "sound doctrine?" I believe is godly love one for another. So it came to pass that my work was not to pastor - although shortly after, I missed the vision, and great sorrow came because I did not go forth on the call - but later God sent me into His field to do this work. I have lived to see the day when this vision is being fulfilled. I thank God for this humble ministry through which I am trying to do my part to unite God's people, so that they might be one in heart and spirit.


"It is written... "And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophecy; your old men shall dream dreams; your young men shall see visions." These are the words of a prophet. I believe we are living in that day.

The vision that I am now relating was very outstanding. It was given me in my mother's home where I was staying one night shortly after the recent war broke out in Europe. Sometime between midnight and dawn I awoke with a terrible burden upon my heart. I prayed for quite awhile but couldn't seem to get relief. Two hours went by. Then suddenly I entered into a vision and I found myself going up a hill toward a little crude house.

I entered through the door, and within the room I noticed a red chair and a red duofold. Sitting in the red chair was an old woman with glasses, crying. On the bed to the right was a little brown-haired boy about three or four years old. I could see that he was terribly afflicted and his little body was drawn up; the legs and an arm seemed to be wound up into knots. Standing at the middle door was a dark-haired woman, apparently the mother and she was weeping bitterly. Over against the bed was a tall dark-looking man, the father.

I said to myself, "Isn't this strange; I was at my mother's house just a few moments ago." Next, I looked to my right, and there stood the angel of God, dressed in white. For the moment I didn't know what to do, but my heart went out to the baby that was lying on the bed. The angel said to me, "Can that baby live?" I answered, "I do not know." The angel said, "Have the father bring the baby to you and you put your hands upon it's stomach."

So the father brought it to me and I prayed and suddenly the father dropped the child. It hit on its little leg, and the leg started unwinding. Then it took a step, and then another step, and then walked over into the corner. After that the child came walking to me and said, "Brother Branham, I am well now." The angel asked, "Did you consider that?" I answered, "I did, sir."

Then he told me to stand still. He took me and set me down on a country road where there was much gravel. I looked over to my right and there was a graveyard and some big tombstones. He said, "Read the names and the numbers on them." I did. He again took me and set me down in a little crossroad settlement - with a grocery store and four or five houses. There, coming out of the store, was an old man with a white mustache wearing overalls and a yellow corduroy cap. The angel said, "He will direct you."

Then he took me the third time, and this time I was going into a house. I saw a young woman at the door. She was weeping. I entered the house and noticed an old-fashioned chunk stove sitting at my left. The room was papered with yellow paper with little red figures on it. On the wall was the sign, "God Bless Our Home." In the center was a big brass bed, and over in the corner was a cot. On the bed was someone suffering terribly. Then I saw it was a girl and her legs were all drawn up. I looked and there was the angel of the Lord standing at my right side again.

He asked, "Can that girl live?" I replied, "Sir, I do not know." He said, "Put your hand upon her and pray."

As I prayed for the girl, I heard a voice in the room saying, "Praise the Lord." As I looked the girl was raising up. Her right arm had been afflicted and drawn backward, but I saw it as it came straight. Then I noticed that the drawn crooked leg also became straight and normal, and I heard several crying and praising the Lord.

I was just coming out of the vision when I heard someone saying, "Oh Brother Branham, Brother Branham." I looked at the clock and found that several hours had gone by. It was near the break of day and someone was calling for me. It was a young man by the name of John Himmel. I had baptized him and his wife. He said, "Brother Branham, I am in trouble. In the war I backslid, and since that I lost one child, and now my little boy is at the point of death. The doctor says he can't live. I am ashamed to ask you, but will you come and pray for my child?" I told him that I would.

He told me that he would get his cousin, Brother Snelling, who had just been converted (he is now associate pastor of my tabernacle), to help us pray. I said, "Very well," not knowing that he was to help fulfill the vision. As we drove to the man's home, I asked, "Mr. Himmel, don't you live in a little two-room house of a long shape?" He answered, "I do." I said, "Doesn't the front room have a red duofold chair and a bed on which the little boy is lying? And isn't the little boy, brown-haired and doesn't he wear blue corduroy overalls?" He replied, "That's him exactly. Were you ever at my house?" I said, "When you called me I had just left." Of course he didn't understand.

I asked, "Mr. Himmel, do you believe me?" He answered, "With all my heart I do." Then I told him, "Thus saith the Spirit, your baby shall live." At that a great conviction came over him. He stopped the car, threw himself across the steering wheel, and cried, "Oh God, be merciful to me a sinner." He gave his heart to Christ while we were several miles from the house, and before ever the baby was healed.

Now when we reached the house we found that the child was almost dead. The lungs were full and there was just a slight breathing in its throat. I said, "Bring me the baby." But when I prayed for it, nothing happened. The child couldn't get its breath and it almost strangled. I had expected it to be healed instantly.

Now here is where I found that one could make a mistake if he doesn't watch clearly the vision. Everything must be as it was in the vision or it will not come to pass. I perceived now that the old woman whom I had seen sitting in the chair was not there. I could not tell anyone, but I knew that I had to wait until everything was exactly in order. They asked me what the matter was but I didn't say anything; I had to wait for God to fulfill the vision. I thought that I had failed God in going ahead, instead of waiting for His time.

I waited an hour and a half. Finally Mr. Himmel and Mr. Snelling got up, put on their coats and started to leave. The baby was now just barely alive. It was almost six o'clock, but just at that time I happened to look out the window and there coming around the side of the house was an old woman wearing glasses. I began to praise the Lord. The lady (usually she came in the front door), was mysteriously moved to come in the back door, just as the other two were going out the front door.

The grandmother coming in asked if the baby was better. With that the mother began to cry, "No it is dying, it is dying." Mr. Snelling being related to them, turned back, and I got up quickly and gave him the red duofold. He took off his hat and sat down weeping. Then the grandmother took off her glasses which had become bluffed, because she had been weeping and sat down in the other chair. The mother was leaning against the middle door crying. There, at last everything was the same as I had seen in the vision! I walked over to the front door and said to Mr. Himmel, "Do you still have faith in me?" He answered, "I do Brother Branham." I told him that I was sorry, but I couldn't tell him a little while ago that I had stepped ahead of the vision. I now said, "Bring me the baby." He walked to the bed, picked up the baby, and came walking to me. I then prayed, "Father, I am sorry from the depths of my heart that your servant went ahead of the vision. But forgive me Lord, and let these people know Thou art God and I am Thy servant. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, I say the baby shall live."

While I had my hands on the child, suddenly it began to scream, "Daddy! Daddy!" and awoke to consciousness. The child threw its arms around the father, and everyone started screaming and crying and shouting. I said, "Take the baby and lay it out on the bed. For thus saith the Spirit, it will be three days before its little limbs are completely untwisted according to the vision. At that time it shall come to pass that the boy will become normal."

On the third day many gathered to go to the house where the boy was. My wife went along as a witness. The family did not know I was coming, but when the mother opened the door and saw me she said, "Oh here is Brother Branham. Come on in. The boy is fine." As I went in, everyone gathered around the windows to see what was happening. I stood still and never opened my mouth, knowing that God would keep His word.

It was like Paul who stood on the ship on the 14th day of the tempest, after the angel of the Lord had stood beside him, and said, "I know that it shall be as he said, for I believe God." I knew the baby would walk to me. I stood there just a moment. Then the little boy, looked at me, came across the floor, put his hands in mine, and said, "Brother Branham, I'm well now." Hallelujah, God's promise cannot fail! When the vision is fulfilled, it is perfect.

The vision of the healing of the crippled girl: Now concerning the other part of the vision: I told my congregation that somewhere in the world, there was a girl with a drawn arm and leg, that also was to be healed in fulfillment of the vision. About two weeks passed. Finally one day as I was coming from my work, a friend of mine, Herb Scott, my foreman, said to me, "Billy, here is a letter for you." I was busy at the time, and put the letter in my pocket, but as I started down the steps, something seemed to say, "Read that letter." So I opened it and as near as I can remember it, it read as follows:

Dear Brother Branham: I have a girl that is about 14 years old. She is afflicted in her hand, her arm and right limb, and is all drawn up with arthritis. We belong to the Methodist Church and we live at South Boston, Indiana. We read your little book named JESUS CHRIST THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND FOREVER. Our pastor said there was nothing to it. That it was just another ism. But after the prayer meeting I received a strong feeling to write you. I am wondering if you would come and pray for my daughter that a miracle might be performed...

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Harold Nale

Something spoke to me that this was the girl. I showed the letter to my wife, and she too said that that must be the one. I decided to go to South Boston. I had never been there, and did not know where it was located, but Brother Wiseheart, a deacon in my church, said that he thought he knew and would go with me.

A man and his wife, by the name of Brace, also went in my car - the lady had been healed in my meeting and she and her husband wanted to go along to see the vision fulfilled. However, we got mixed up in our towns and drove quite a few miles before we found the right place. At last we were directed to another road, and as I was driving, a very strange feeling came over me. It seemed as if I could not get my breath. Sister Brace looked at me and remarked, "Something is wrong; you look real white." I replied, "No ma'am, the angel of the Lord is near."

I stopped the car and got out and put my foot on the rear bumper of the car. Then I happened to look to the side, and there was a graveyard. I looked at the tombstones, and lo, inscribed on them were the same names and numbers that I had seen in the vision. I got back in the car and said, "We are on the right road." Mrs. Brace began to cry. We went several miles farther, and finally I remarked, "When we get to that crossroads store ahead, an aged man with blue overalls and a yellow corduroy cap will come out and direct us." Soon we came to the store with the front painted yellow, and near it were four or five houses. I said, "This is the place."

Just as I drove up, out of the store came a man with blue overalls, a white mustache, and a corduroy cap. Mrs. Brace, when she saw this, fainted in the car. When the man got close to us I asked, "Do you know where Harold Nale lives; a man that has a crippled daughter?" He answered, "Yessir; why do you want to know?" I replied, "The Lord is going to heal this girl. Show me where the house is." I looked at the old fellow and tears began to roll down his gray bearded cheeks, and his lips began to quiver as he directed us to the place.

When I reached the door I was greeted by the mother of the young lady. She said, "You are Brother Branham. I knew you by your picture." She invited us in, and there, as shown in the vision, was the old chunk stove, the yellow paper , with red figures on it, the big brass bed, the girl lying upon it exactly as described, and the sign upon the wall, "GOD BLESS OUR HOME." Mrs. Brace fainted for the second time. Then something happened. I found myself going to the bed where this girl was. I laid my hand across her, and said, "Let Thy power be made known in the healing of this girl according to the vision that Thou hast shown." Just then her crippled hand straightened out. She raised up from the bed, and her limb also became straight. Mr. Brace had just gotten his wife conscious again in time to see the girl raise up, and she fainted for the third time, going right over into the arms of her husband. The girl rose to her feet, went into another room, put on her clothes, and came back combing her hair, with the hand that had been crippled. This event can be verified by Mrs. Harold Nale who lives at Salem, Indiana at the time this is written.


For a detailed account of the Miracle which took place at Milltown please follow this link to: The Milltown Vision. To God be the Glory, GREAT Things He hath done.

For an account of the vision related to Brother Branham's own healing, follow this link to: William Branham Is Healed. A part of this vision spanned almost 15 years. In 1949 he had the first vision pertaining to his sickness. Then in November of 1965 the second vision came showing Bro. Branham that he would never again suffer with the problem in his stomach. We encourage you to follow the above link to discover a surprising conclusion to the whole matter.

To God Be The Glory

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