The Milltown Vision

Sometime later Brother Branham was again at his mother's home. Like most other visions, this one came to him about two or three o'clock in the morning. It seemed that he was in a dark woods, and as he wandered along he heard a most pathetic cry. It seemed as if he were hearing a lamb bleating. He thought, "Where is that poor little thing," and he began searching for it through the cloud and darkness. At first he thought that it was saying, "Bah-h-h Bah-h-h-h." But as the sound got closer, it seemed to be a human voice saying, "Mi-l-l-town, Mil-l-l-town."

Well, Brother Branham had never heard of that name before, and just then he came out of the vision. He began to tell his people that somewhere there was one of God's lambs in distress, and it was near a place called Milltown. A man by the name of George Wright, who had attended Brother Branham's church said that he knew of a Milltown that was only a little way from where he lived. (Brother Wright's address is, De Pauw, Indiana) So the next Saturday Brother Branham went to Milltown.

Arriving there, he looked around but he couldn't seem to see anything that the Lord would want him down there for. Finally he decided he would hold a street meeting in front of a store, but Brother Wright, who was with him, said that he had an errand to do first, and asked if Brother Branham would go with him. He answered, "Yes, sir, I will." They drove up a hill and Brother Branham saw a big Baptist Church, located next to a graveyard. Brother Wright said, "This church is not being used anymore except for funerals." Just as he said that, Brother Branham felt something move over his heart. There was where the Lord wanted him. When he told Brother Wright this, he replied, "I will go and get the keys to let you inside so you can look at it." While he was gone Brother Branham sat down on the steps and prayed, "Heavenly Father, if this is where you want me, open this door for me." He turned around, opened a previously locked door and walked in. Bro. Branham began to announce a meeting. But it was a difficult situation because the churches there had taught the people against Divine Healing.

The first man Brother Branham asked to come to the meetings said to him, "We are too busy to go to any revival; we raise chickens and haven't time for anything like that." However, shortly after that, this man died, so he didn't raise any more chickens. The following Saturday they began the revival. Only four people attended and they were the Wright family. The next night was a little better. On the third night, a hard-looking man came to the door of the church, knocked the ashes out of his pipe, came in, and sat down in the back. Then he questioned Brother Wright, "Where is that little Billy Sunday, I want to get a good look at him." Brother Wright came forward and told Brother Branham that a very hard case had just come in the building. However, before the service was over that night, he was at the altar crying out to God. His name is William Hall and he became the Pastor of the Milltown Church and was there for many years.

Soon many were coming and Brother Branham mentioned to the people about the vision. Then Brother Hall came and said, "Why Brother Branham, there is a girl that lives down the hill here, who has been reading your book "JESUS CHRIST THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, FOREVER". She has been lying on her back for eight years and nine months, and has never raised from bed. She is tubercular, and the doctors said years ago that there was no hope. She is now about 23 years old. She lies there wasting away and weighs only about forty pounds. The girl has been begging and crying for you to come down to her, but her parents belong to a certain church here, and it has been announced to that congregation that if any of them went down to hear you, they would be dismissed from the church. But will you go?"

Brother Branham answered, "I will go, if you can get her father and mother to say that it is all right." Brother Branham felt that God was leading him down that way. The girl's name was Georgia Carter and her father was a superintendent of a stone quarry. The mother sent word that he could come down and see the girl, but neither she nor the father would be in the house while he was there.

When he entered the room, he saw his little book lying on the bed and he asked, "Do you believe what you have read," She replied, "I do, sir." This was spoken in a voice so low that he had to get very near in order to hear what she said. At that time he did not understand as much as he does now about healing, but prayed for the people as he saw them healed by vision. So he told her about the Nale girl who had been healed, and suggested that she should pray that God would lead him through a vision to pray for her. (Later, he learned, of course, that all may be healed by believing God's Word, although God continued to reveal to him many healings by vision.)

The meeting went on. God continued to bless until there were several hundred people in attendance. One day Brother Branham had a baptismal service at Tottom Ford on Blue River. That afternoon he was to baptize some thirty or forty people. Shortly before, in this locality, a minister had held a meeting there and had preached against immersion. But that afternoon God manifested His power in such a way that over fifteen of his people marched out into the water with their good clothes on and were baptized.

Now all that week Georgia had been praying, "Oh Lord, send Brother Branham to see me again; show him by vision that I may be healed, so I can be baptized with the rest of them." When the day of the baptizing came, the girl was very restless and kept crying. The mother tried to quiet her, but her heart was broken and she could not be pacified. After the baptizing was over, Bro. Branham went to Brother Wright's home for supper. Brother Brace, who had been with him during the fulfillment of the other vision, also came along. But at this moment the Spirit spoke to him, saying "Eat no food now, but go to the woods to pray." So Bro. Branham excused himself saying,"I have to go to pray awhile, but when supper is ready, ring the bell and I'll come." Bro. Branham then went into the woods some distance and started to pray.

But it was difficult to pray as there were a lot of stickers getting into his clothes, and he kept thinking that he would be late for service. However, he started praying with all his heart, and soon he was lost in the Spirit. Finally he heard a voice calling from somewhere in the woods. He raised up, the sun had gone down and it was getting dark. The dinner bell had rung but he had never heard it, and the searchers had been sent out to find him. As he raised up he saw a yellowish light, shining down into the woods out of heaven. A voice spoke saying, "Go by the way of the Carter's." That was all. Then he heard voices in various parts of the woods calling, "Oh Brother Branham." He started out of the woods and almost ran into Brother Wright's arms. Brother Wright informed him, "Dinner has been ready for an hour and we have been calling you. What's the matter?" Brother Branham answered, "I cannot eat. We are going by the way of Carters. The Lord has sent me that way for the healing of Georgia." Brother Wright replied, "Sure enough?" Brother Wright called, and Brother Brace came. They got into the car and started for Carters, which was about seven miles away. They told the others to eat and then come on to church. They couldn't wait for them, as the vision spoke for Brother Branham to go then.

God was working at both ends of the line. You remember it was like that when the angel spoke to Peter; at the same time the believers were gathered at Mark's house and they were all praying. Georgia had gotten restless at this time. The mother was so distressed that she went into the next room and started praying. She said, "Lord, what am I going to do; that fellow Branham has come here and got my girl so stirred up, and she has been in a dying condition for nine years. Who is this man anyhow?" After that she got lost in the Spirit of prayer. Suddenly she heard a voice which said, "Look up." As she lifted up her head she thought she saw a shadow upon the wall. She saw that it was a person and it appeared to be Jesus. She asked, "Lord what can I do?" In the vision the Lord said to her, "Who is this coming in the door?" Then she saw Brother Branham and two men following. She recognized Brother Branham, by his high forehead, and the Bible he was carrying over his breast. She began saying, "I'm not dreaming, I'm not dreaming." She ran into the next room and exclaimed, "Georgie, something has happened!" She began to tell the vision to her. When she was almost through telling it, she heard a door slam. She looked and there Brother Branham was just arriving. He didn't knock. He just opened the door and came in. The mother fell back in the chair, almost fainting. Brother Branham walked straight to the bedside and said, "Sister be of good courage. Jesus Christ, whom you have served and have loved and have prayed to, has heard your prayer and has sent me according to the vision. Stand on your feet for he has healed you."

Brother Branham took her by the hand. Remember she had not raised herself up in bed for many years. They could hardly put a sheet under her, she was so covered with sores. Her head looked almost square; the eyes were deeply sunk and her arms looked like broomsticks at the widest place. But when Brother Branham said that Jesus had healed her, she immediately arose and got up on her feet! Her mother started screaming. There she saw her daughter for the first time in nine years, walking across the floor, not by her own power, but by the power of the Holy Spirit, and without any human support. As Brother Branham turned to go from the building, her sister came running in, and she too began to scream.

Later, when her father came home and saw his daughter sitting at the piano playing, he almost fainted. He went down town and began to tell all the people what had happened. The girl went out into the yard, sat down on the grass and began blessing the grass and the leaves. She looked up into heaven saying, "Oh God, how good You are to me." She was so happy.

At church that night the building was packed. When Sunday came they had another baptizing. Both Georgie and the Nale girl were baptized at Totton Ford the following Sunday. Georgie became the piano player at the Milltown Baptist Church and is in perfect health.

The above illustrations are only two in number. The truth is that there have been thousands of visions relative to healing that have taken place on the platform as God's Prophet has ministered to the sick and dying. There has never been one failure as to their correctness.

To God Be The Glory - Great Things He Hath Done

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