William Branham


Gordon Lindsay
Editor Of The Voice Of Healing
In collaboration With William Branham

Published By
William Branham
Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A.



1. A
Strange Challenge
2. Peculiar Birth And Childhood
3. Hardships And Poverty In The Branham Home
4. Conversion Of William Branham
5. A Happy Marriage And A Fateful Decision
6. The Great Ohio Flood Of 1937
7. Despair - Then A Dream Of Heaven
8. Remarkable Incidents Preceding Angel's Visit
9. An Angel From The Presence Of God
10. Beginning Again With A New Anointing
11. His First Healing Campaign At St. Louis, Missouri
12. Dramatic Events In Brother Branham's Ministry After The Appearance Of The Angel
13. Shetches From The Branham Meetings
14. The Writer Enters The Story
15. Branham In The Northwest
16. The Voice Of Healing Is Born
17. The Branham Party Goes North
18. The Amazing Photograph In Houston Coliseum
19. The American Press Reports The Branham Meetings
20. Gifts of Healing Plus
21. An Account Of The Visions Of William Branham
22. Overseas Trip To Scandinavia


The story of the life of William Branham is so out of this world and beyond the ordinary that were there not available a host of infallible prooofs which document and attest its authenticity, one might well be excused for considering it far-fetched and incredible. But the facts are so generally known, and of such a nature that they can be so easily verified by any sincere investigator, that they must stand as God's Witness to His willingness and purpose to reveal Himself again to men as He once did in the days of the prophets and the apostles.

The story of this prophets life - for he is a prophet, though we infrequently use the term - indeed witnesses to the fact the Bible days are here again.

The writer is keenly conscious of his own lack of literary qualifications to properly depict and tell the story of this great ministry. However, he is aided considerably in that not a little of the narrative has been told in the words of Brother Branham himself, and by certain others who have been associated in this ministry.

The clear, simple style of Rev. Branham possesses its own charm, and though he himself boast no cultural advantages, this style, though at times rugged , is always dramatic and has a distinction of its own. To know Brother Branham is to love him. His nature is tender and kind and his sensibilities react deeply to the suffering and pain of others.

So great has been his compassion for the sick and afflicted, that he permitted his own health to suffer while praying long hours for endless lines of sick men, women, and children. For a time he carried, as it were, the weight of a suffering world upon his frail shoulders, until God made it known to him that his responsibility must be shared by others. Divine Healing will not make a man immortal in this life, and even Jesus bore the weight of weariness.

It is true thatBrother Branham lives in a different world than that of the average Christian. And in that world his spiritual senses have been quickened to a point that has enabled him to move further out into God, and caused him to be more conscious of heavenly realities, than perhaps any man now living. It is this amazing spiritual sensitivity that has caused his ministry to be so revolutionary. He brings to the church, a fresh revelation of the reality of the power of God and the intrinsic truth of the miraculous in the Scriptures.

Together with this spiritual acumen, there is another characteristic of his ministry that makes him so intensely loved by the multitudes who hear him - it is his simple humility. Nobody is jealous of the successes of the little man who for long years fought a losing battle with life - one who through much of his life has known nothing but the pangs of poverty, hardship and crushing sorrows, a man who has had even the little of life wrenched from his grasp, until his very soul was left bare, and it seemed as if heaven itself had conspired against him. We may thank God for the compensations Divine Providence has given him since, and rejoice with him in his victories. perhaps in the ministry of no other man has death in this life been so strongly symbolized; this, of course, to the purpose that God may show forth to His people, the new or Resurrection Life.

Brother Branham frequently apologizes to his audiences for his lack of cultural qualifications. Readily he tells of his humble origin, his long struggle with poverty. There are no pretentions. Only when it comes to the matter of his own call is there no doubt ot hesitancy. Of this he must speak to fulfill the commission which has been given him. His Message and the exercise of his gift must be made known to the world.

It is his simple humility and absolute honesty with the people that has charmed his audiences wherever he has been. Though the fulfilling of his calling demands that he minister to the great crowds, his sinceredesire is to preserve the simplicity of his life. He knows full well that great men of God in the past have found that both their power with God and their anointing were lacking when they lost the simplicity of their Christian experience. and the spirit of humility they once possessed.

But in his own battle William Branham was brought in intimate touch with the suffering and sorrow of humanity. And with the honored position that God has now called him, he is still able to feel intensely for those who also must tread as he did, the dark and lonely path of sorrow.

There was another reason why God chose William Branham for the great task of calling His people to the unity of spirit. The Lord knew that he would never attempt to start another organization of his own. This he could have done. But to such suggestion he never gave one moment of consideration. He sought not only the healing of physical bodies of believers, but also the healing of the Mystical Body of Christ - which is His Church.

Still another great purpose of the Branham meetings was to bring inspiration to the ministry, that many with this new inspiration would go back to their own churches and begin a real ministry of deliverance. Too long had substitutes been used to draw people to the church, until worship in many congregations has been submerged to a purely human level with the element of the supernatural completely gone. Indeed, what wonderful ministeries were born in the lives of those who, after attending the Branham meetings, returned home, locked their doors and refused to emerge until they had heard from heaven!

As for the Christians themselves, their lives have been enriched as they beheld before their very eyes, the working of a miracle! How skepticism and unbelief have been challenged and put to flight! God is no longer a vague and distant God, but One Who is nigh and ready to reveal Himself to the sons of men! Modernism is rooted out and forms of godliness is haken to its very foundation. Through the ministry of William Branham, God has brought us to the realization, once again, that the Bible is True, His power is real, Heaven and Hell are real!

The personal testimony of the writer is that the ministry of William Branham has powerfully affected his own. Though he had practiced the ministry of healing, it was not until he had witnessed the ministry of Brother Branham that he received faith to minister to the deaf, the dumb, and blind, and see immediate results. The writer considers it an honor to be associated with William Branham - it is a reward in itself.

Looking back to the beginning of this visitation of God, we may point to May 7, 1946, when the Angel of the Lord, speaking to William Branham, told him that if he would remain faithful, this great spiritual move would shake the world. We are seeing this predection fulfilled. But speaking for us all, as well as our beloved Brother Branham, and looking a step further beyond frail human instumentality, we see the inscrutable purpose of the Almighty, who so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out! To Him be all glory.

Gordon Lindsay

Please Note

For the sake of brevity, the publishers of the William Branham Home Page have found it necessary to edit and/or 'update' portions of Bro. Lindsay's Book. We have taken extreme care not to distort in any way the picture presented of "A Man Sent From God".

Originally the book was written to witness to the world of the 'amazing' signs and wonders ministry that God had given ONE man in the Twentieth Century. No real effort was given to identify that particular ministry in the Scriptures. After the writing of the book, the Angel further instructed Brother Branham concerning his unusual ministry, which said the Angel would come to it's climax in Three Phases (Pulls). Where possible we have endeavoured to give greater insight into this endtime ministry - the likes of which has been seen only in Abraham's day (Gen. 18) , some of the Old Testament Prophets and in the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you as you journey into the supernatural life of a prophet of God.

Chapter 1

A Strange Challenge

The life of William Branham was a life that was lived almost continually in the supernatural realm. Truly he lived in two worlds at the same time - the seen and the unseen. In this book I will reherse highlights from Bro. Branham's life and some of the supernatural things in his ministry. To begin, let's go to the city of Portland, Oregon.

The doors of the great municipal auditorium of the City of Portland, Oregon, were opened early that november evening of the year 1947. When the caretaker made his rounds to unlock the doors, he was somewhat puzzled to find such a large crowd waiting to get in. To him it was strange because in all his years as caretaker he had not seen so many people come to any religious meeting. Previous religious services had not attracted enough people to fill more than a fraction of the auditorium. He wondered why this meeting would attract so many, even without widespread advertising

Within a few minutes the great auditorium was filled to more than its capacity. A representative from the Fire Department ordered the doors closed, not allowing anyone else to enter. Such was the interest generated among the people by a 'Branham Meeting'.

What was the attraction in a Branham meeting that had brought together so many people? It wasn't the singing or the special music. For although both were excellent and inspiring, yet it was evident that the people were waiting with restrained impatience until the preliminaries would be over in anticipation of what was to follow.

The people were anxious to see William Branham "The Man Sent From God". Concerning this man, it was said that an Angel had appeared to him in a special visitation, and gifts of healing were manifest in his ministry. The Lord Jesus, according to His promise was, in this century, "confirming His Word with signs following." The large crowd that had gathered for these meetings were hungry in their souls for "The Living God" to show Himself alive. Jesus said, "If I do not the works of my Father, believe me not. But if I do, though ye believe not me, believe the works: that ye may know, and believe, that the Father is in me, and I in Him." (John 10:36-38).

The services of the first two nights aroused tremenduous interest - God had indeed shown Himself alive. The sick were healed. Those bound by demon power were delivered. On the third night, our Lord Jesus, through His servant, put to silence the critics, showing that He was Lord of all.

On this night, the writer, who was directing this brief campaign, was preparing to turn the service over to "The Man Sent From God". The people were asked to stand to their feet and sing the chorus, "Only Believe, All things Are Possible, Only Believe." While the congregation sang, a little man with modest demeanor and a friendly smile entered and moved behind the pulpit. The singing ceased, and a hush fell over the audience as it listened intently to the speaker. The people were impressed by the graciousness of the speaker as well as his evident sincerity and humility. "The Man Sent From God", taking the thought of faith, began the theme of his message. He said, "There is nothing that can stand before faith in God , and if the people here tonight will believe God with me, we shall see that God will honor that faith and confirm it before the eyes of this entire congregation."

As the audience listened, they were completely unaware of the startling dramma that was about to unfold before them. For suddenly, from far back in the building, we noticed a man making great strides, apparently in the direction of the platform. At first we supposed that an emergency had arisen. But as he moved closer to the platform we realized with no little misgiving that the man was bent on causing trouble. Observing his countenance we thought him to be insane. We learned later that he wasn't insane, in that he did not know what he was doing, but was a notorious and vicious character who had previously run afoul of the law for disturbing and breaking up religious services. Jail sentences had not taught him a lesson. Once again he was determined to break up another religous gathering. But the outcome in this one was to be different for him, and for the people.

Up the steps he strode without pausing. Now he was on the platform assuming a menacing attitude that by this time was attracting the attention of the entire congregation. Two sturdy policemen standing in the wings, were about to come forward and forcibly remove the man. But "The Man Sent From God" had apparently put himself on the spot for he had just declared that all things were possible to him that believed, and God would always back up His servants who put their trust in Him. The Policemen were hastily waved back. "The Man Sent From God" was fully aware of what was happening. Speaking quietly to the audience, and requesting that the people unite with him in silent prayer, he turned to meet his challenger face to face.

The man, with contempt on his contenance, began to accuse and curse "The Man Sent From God". "You are of the Devil, and deceiving the people," he shouted, "an imposter, a snake in the grass, a fake, and I am going to show these peole that you are!" It was a bold challenge and no idle threat. Spitting at the Man of God, the challenger moved to carry out his threat. Considering his size, he was will able to physically overpower God's servant. But the story of David and Goliath comes to mind, realizing that the greater battle being set on the platform was not physical but spiritual.

As the man moved toward the Man of God, the two Policemen attempted again to come to his aid, but the little figure on the platform waved them back. In rejecting their assistance "The Man Sent From God" had deliberately accepted the challenge of his accuser. No doubt the critics expected a swift and pitful conclusion to the unexpected dramma that was now coming to a climax. Certainly they could see that there was no romm for trickery. The Man of God would have to have the goods or take the consequences.

The startled congregation looked on in wonder and amazement, hardly knowing what to expect next, but fearing the worst . The seconds passed but it appeared that something was hindering the challenger from carrying out his threats. Seemingly, not being able to move, he continued to spit and utter cursing at the Man of God. THEN, softly but determined, the voice of God's servant could now be heard rebuking the evil power that dominated the accuser. Speaking so quietly, being heard onlt by those on the platform, he said, "Satan, because you have challenged the servant of God before this great congregation, you must bow before me. In the Name of Jesus Christ, you shall fall at my feet." The speaker repeated the words. The challenger ceased to speak and began to struggle - trying to move forward but could not. Gradually the evil forces within him began to succumb to the Power manifested through the Man of God, in the Name of Jesus Christ. A tense battle of spiritual forces now summoned every bit of strength the man had in him. Beads of perspiration broke out on his face as he put forth a last desperate effort to prevail. Suddenly, he gave an awful groan and slumped to the floor sobbing in an hysterical manner. For quite awhile he lay there writhring in the dust, as the Man of God calmly proceeded with the service as if nothing had happened.

Needles to say, the great congregation was awed by the scene that had transpired before them, in which God so signally vindicated His Servant, and loud praises to God filled the spacious auditorium. The Policemen, startled by what they had witnessed, openly acknowledged that God was in their midst. In the healing service that followed, many miracles of healing took place as wave after wave of the glory of God moved through the building.

But who was this little man that spoke with such words of authority and whose ministry had been confirmed by such a remarkable demonstration of Divine power? His name was William Branham, Jeffersonville, Indiana, and his ministry was to have wider and wider reverberations until, at the time of this writing the effect of it has reached throughout the world.

Strangely enough, as this campaign concluded, we heard that a few doubted. Why would God choose a man of such unpretentious background, who had such a limited knowledge of this world's wisdom? Nor could they understand the principle which Paul spoke of in 1st. Corithians 1:26-29, "For ye see your calling, brehtren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called: But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; and base things of the world, and things whichare despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are: that no flesh should glory in His Presence."

Let's learn more of this man of God's chosing. Who is William Branham? From whence did he come? What was the manner of his birth? His special visitation from God and his commission to heal the sick? Come with us into the next chapter and learn of his peculiar birth, childhood, first vision, the first time God spkoke to him, etc.

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