The Year was 1950 and King George was sick, suffering with multiple sclerosis. - not being able to stand on his legs for more than five minutes at a time. Through his Private Secretary, he had heard of the Ministry of God's Prophet, William Branham. His Secretary was a friend to a Brother Walt Amen, a businessman in the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana who was also suffering from multiple sclerosis. During a Meeting at the Fort Wayne Gospel Tabernacle, a vision come over the man and he was made perfectly whole.

The King's Private Secretary heard of this and through there, King George himself sent word to Brother Branham, requesting that he come to England to offer a personal Prayer for him. Not being able to go at the time, Brother Branham sent word back, expressing his regret, but advising the King that tho he could not go to England, he would pray for him and God would hear his prayer there in America. I have his statements, and have his letters of his seals, to come pray for him with multiple sclerosis. And so I couldn't go up that time.

Copies of the Royal Correspondence in Brother Branham's files reveal that King George sent another telegram, requesting that Brother Branham come to England immediately. It would appear that God had everything planned beforehand. God had laid it on Brother Branham's heart to go to Finland for meetings. En Route to Finland the Branham party stopped over in London to pray for the King. Arriving at the Airport, Brother Branham was summoned to pray for Sister Florence Nightingale of South Africa - She was dying with cancer. She had already contacted Brother Branham, asking him to come to Africa to pray for her; But upon hearing of his stop-over in England, she flew there. Her healing would be a sign to Brother Branham that God wanted him to go to South Africa for special meetings.

Brother Branham went to the hotel and prayed for Florence Nightingale and she was healed - Therefore God had great things in store for South Africa; He then proceeded to Buckingham Palace to pray for King George and he was also healed - fullfilling what The Angel told him in 1946. He was told that 'he would pray for kings and potentates, etc'. After a few days in England the Branham party flew to Finland by way of Paris. In Finland the vision was fulfilled of the little boy being raised from the dead. God does all things Well!

Speaking of King George's healing, Brother Branham said, "When I went to England, over there to see him, the Lord had healed him. He couldn't even stand up over five minutes at a time. And he, I believe the second day, he played eighteen holes of golf. And never was bothered with it no more until the very day he died. And I was in Africa when he died. They found a little tumor here on his lung, decided to cut it open. And air got to it someway, I don't know, and caused a blood clot to go to his brain, and killed him instantly. So, very fine man."

Adapted from a number of accounts related in different Message preached by William Branham, Published by Voice of God Recordings.

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