The Florence Nightingale we speak of is from England, and as far as we know, is a distant relative of the late Florence Nightingale, a British Nurse, hopsital reformer and humanitarian. She is noted for her work among the Crimean war soldiers and for raising the stature of nursing from an unskilled profession to a medical profession. The Story of the healing of Florence Nightingale is a testimony to the "Grace" and "Power" of God, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

At this time in his ministry, William Branham, would on a daily basis receive countless numbers of prayer requests from all over the world. Many times airplane tickets would be included with the requests. It was one of those requests that caused Brother Branham to make it a definite matter of prayer concerning a Campaign in South Africa. He had considered it before, but the Lord had always directed him to go elsewhere. But 1951 was God's time for Africa.

The prayer request mentioned above was from Florence Nightingale of Durban. Her testimony is tremenduous testimony to the Power of the Living God. She was suffering from cancer at the entrance of the stomach which causes one to die of starvation. She weighed only about fifty pounds. She had been feed through the veimns on glucose until this was no longer possible. Hearing of Brother Branham, she sent word to him, requesting that he would come to South Africa to pray for her. Included with her request was her picture and a plane ticket.

At the time this request reached William Branham, he was conducting meetings in Houston, Texas. On the same evening that the Halo Photograph was taken, Brother F. F. Bosworth showed Brother Branham the picture of Florence Nightingale and the ticket. That night in Houston they prayed for her, promising God that if He would heal her and make her completely well, they would take it as a sign from God that they should go to South Africa. In His own mysterious time and way God answered prayer.

Eight weeks later the Branham party landed in England on their way to Finland. The King of England had sent a cable requesting Brother Branham to come and pray for him. When the Branham Party stepped off the plane, William Branham's name was called over the Public Address System. Florence Nightingale had arrived at the airport just fifteen minutes before and was taken to a hotel room nearby. Those who travelled with her had put out this call for Brother Branham to come quickly to the hotel because they thought she was dying.

It was one of those foggy days in April when they motored to the hotel where she was staying. No one in the party had ever seen a human being in such a pitiful condition as the woman in that room. She was so thin that the skin stuck to her bones. Their hearts were moved with compassion. Because of the intense pain she was suffering, Florence Nightingale could hardly speak as tears ran down her cheeks. Considering her state of dehydration, Brother Branham wondered that she could even produce tears.

She spoke a few words but not being able to understand what she was saying, Brother Branham knelt down by the side of the stretcher. In a faintly whispered voice she said, "Brother Branham, Pray for me to die". He responded by saying, "Sister, as a Servant of God I can't do that." She was so weak they had to lift her hand and place it in Brother Branham's hand and he started to pray. His Co-Evangelists, a minister of the Church of England and her nurses, all knelt and joined with Brother Branham in praying for Florence's healing.

As they started to pray a dove came and sat on the window sill, looking inside as it started to coo. After prayer, when Brother Branham said, "Amen," the dove flew away. The minister started to speak saying, "Did you see that dove?" Before he finished the question, the Spirit of the Lord moved upon Brother Branham to speak these words: "Thus Saith The Lord, you will live, Sister!"

The Branham party went their way to Buckingham Palace to pray for King George of England and then on to the Finland meetings. But eight months after Brother Branham had prayed for Florence Nightingale in England, he received another picture from her. At this time she was a perfect picture of health and weighted 155 pounds. He had made his vow to God and was now convinced that he had to go to South Africa. God had called him to South Africa and now his desire was that he might be a blessing to the people he had been called to minister unto.

Adapted from the book "A Prophet Visits South Africa", published by Voice of God Recordings,

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