For nearly three years invitations had been coming to Brother Branham to conduct a series of healing meetings in the Scandinavian countries. Various circumstances had hindered him from making such a journey, although from the beginning he felt assured that these calls were of God. Therefore, in January, 1950, he called on Bro. Gordon Lindsay to make arrangements for the trip to Finland.

April 6, 1950

On this date at three o'clock in the afternoon, the party boarded the large overseas airliner, Flagship Scotland, and took off for London, England. It was on April 6, 1909, that William Branham was born. April 6, 1917, was the day that America relinquished her historical isolationism and entered the European War. Historians tell us that it was on April 6, in the year 30 A.D. that Christ died on the Cross. Perhaps the members of the party might be excused for thinking that April 6, is a day of significance.

En Route to Finland, Brother Branham the and ministers who travelled with him spent a few days of relaxation in London, England and two days in Paris. After two days in Paris they continued their journey to Finland via a Scandinavian airliner. On the 14th of April, the group landed at Helsinki where we were met by several ministers including Pastor Manninen, who had given us the invitation, and Sister May Isaacson, our American-born interpreter, whose knowledge of the Finnish language contributed greatly to the success of our meetings in Finland.

The first service at the Messuhalli witnessed a crowd of 7000 in attendance. After that, several thousand waited outside all afternoon, standing in a line four deep and a half mile long, so that they might be assured of a seat in the largest auditorium in Finland.

She Only Touched His Coat

During a five day interlude, when the auditorium could not be obtained, the Evangelistic party went north to Kuopio which is not far from the Arctic Circle. Faith was very high in this city and some marvelous miracles took place. One of these was the healing of little Veera Ihalainen, a war orphan, whose photograph is shown elsewhere in this book. She was marvelously delivered from wearing a brace and using crutches, after she had, in faith, touched the coat of Brother Branham as he passed by.

A Young Finnish Boy Raised From The Dead

This is one event, which will never be forgotten by the members of the party, and others standing present at the time. God fullfilled a prophecy he had given to Brother Branham about two years previous. He had told his church and many others, of a vision that the Lord had given him of a little boy being raised from the dead. He even described the clothes which the boy was wearing which indicated that the vision would not be fullfilled in America.

According to the vision the boy would be killed in an Automobile accident. Two boys would be involved - one would be killed instantly and the second would be critically injured and taken to hospital. When Rev. Gordon Lindsay had first heard Brother Branham relate the vision two years previous, he wrote the details on the 'fly-leaf' of his Bible.

One of the finnish Pastors who was travelling with the party was Vilho Soininen, of Kuopio. He related what happened on that day:

"On Friday afternoon a remarkable and startling incident took place which meant much to Brother Branham and to those of us who happened to be its witnesses. Three carloads of us made an unforgettable trip to nearby Puijo Observation Tower situated on a beautiful scenic elevation. The outing was one of the most precious I can remember, because of the blessing of God upon us.

Then as we were returning from Puijo, a terrible accident occurred. A car ahead was unable to avoid striking two small boys, who ran out into the street in front of it, throwing one down on the sidewalk, and the other five yards away into a field. One unconscious boy was carried into a car just ahead of us and the other, Kari Holma, was lifted into our car and placed in the arms of Brother Branham and Miss Isaacson who were sitting in the back seat. Brothers Moore and Lindsay were in the front seat with me.

"As we hurried to the hospital, I asked through Miss Isaacson, the interpreter, how the boy was. Brother Branham, with his finger on the boy's pulse, answered that the boy seemed to be dead, since the pulse did not beat at all. Then Brother Branham placed his hand over the boy's heart and realized that it was not functioning. He further checked the boy's respiration and could detect no breath.

Remembering the vision, he asked Bro. Lindsay to look in the 'fly-leaf' of his Bible and see what the vision said about 'a little boy being raised from the dead'. It was discovered that the description of the boy in the vision was exactly like the boy placed in Bro. Branham's arms. Then he knelt down on the floor of the car and began to pray. Brothers Lindsay and Moore joined in prayer, too, that the Lord would have mercy. About five or six minutes later, As we neared the hospital, I glanced back, and to my surprise, the boy opened his eyes. As we carried the boy into the hospital, he began to cry, and I realized that a miracle had taken place.

"The other boy had been brought in a little earlier and was still unconscious. As I was taking my guests back to their hotel, Brother Branham said to me, 'Do not worry! The boy, who was in our car, will surely live.'"

"At that time Brother Branham had no assurance that the other boy would live, but on Sunday evening he assured me on the basis of a vision which he had seen early Sunday morning, that he, too, would live. At the exact time that Brother Branham was telling me this at his hotel, the boy lay dying at the hospital. (For an account of the vision which told of the other boy being healed follow the link to The Other Boy. The boy, who was in my car, Kari, was dismissed from the hospital in just three days.

"In the Friday evening service Brother Branham told us about the vision which he had seen in America two years ago, and which had been fulfilled that afternoon when he had prayed for the dead boy. Two years previous he had told the vision to thousands in America. Now it was fulfilled. Brother Branham's coming to Kuopio was in the eternal plan of God! We of the Kuopio Elim Assembly wondered why the Lord was so good to us that He granted to just us the gracious privilege of receiving His servant."

Brother Branham Explains The Incident

Standing yonder in Finland that day, and that little boy laying there, dead. He'd been dead for a half hour. I started to walk away, Something put their hands on me. Turning around, I thought, "What was that?" And I looked at the site again. I thought, "Wait a minute!" Bro. Lindsay looked back there on the flyleaf of his Bible where it was written, "And it shall come to pass, a little boy about nine years old, he will be killed by an automobile. There'll be a long strip of evergreen, rocks lapped in there; the car will be laying across the road, wrecked. He will have on little stockings like, up high; a cropped haircut; and his little eyes will be turned back, the bones in his body will be broken."

<I said, "Stand still, all of you!" The mayor of the citythere. I said, "If that boy isn't on his feet in two minutes from now, I'm a false prophet, ride and run me out of Finland." Certainly! "But if he is, you owe your lives to Christ." That's right. They stood still.

I said, "Heavenly Father, across the sea yonder, two years ago, You said this little boy would lay here..." According to the vision the boy was raise from the Dead.

Did you ever think about when someone was raised from the dead, what happens? Did you ever think in Finland there that time that little boy was raised from the dead? His spirit was gone from him. Now, the Word has to go out through into space yonder, and pick up that little soul, and bring it right back. See? How can It do it? It's the Word: heal the sick, raise the dead. See? How is He going to do it? It has to come by a watered Word. He'd showed the vision, and it has to happen. There laid the boy, there was everything laying there just the way He said it two years before, and there it laid. That's the reason I say about The Bear coming down the hill, whatever it was. It's got to happen, it's got to be so. See?

Adapted from the book, A Mansent from God, published by Voice of God Recordings

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