Chapter 20

Gifts Of Healing Plus

This chapter in the book "A Man Sent From God" which was written by Bro. F. F. Bosworth, has been omitted and replaced with More Than Spiritual Gifts by Bro. Gerald A. Lush. The purpose was to 'update' the material in the 'Light' of the Mystery of God which has been revealed in this Age through His Servant and Prophet, Bro. William Branham.

Much of what Bro. Bosworth wrote has been incorporated into the new chapter. In updating the material absolutely no disrespect is intended. The publishers of this Web Site greatly respect and honor the memory of our Bro. Bosworth. But we felt it necessary to 'update' some of the information in light of the fact that Bro. Bosworth did not live to see all that God did through Brother Branham.

In the 'progressive unfolding' of that ministry we have come to understand, through Bible prophecy, the significance of a Ministry that included more than Spiritual gifts. We encourage you to follow the above link to more fully understand what we mean when we say, "MORE Than Spiritual Gifts".

To God Be The Glory

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