Chapter 22
The Other Boy
All Finland was stirred with the report that a boy had been raised from the dead. There was indeed joy and rejoicing in the camp. All rejoiced except the parents of the other little boy. The other little boy was struck and hit over on the other side of the road. He was suffering from a head concussion. The parents called from the hospital, crying, begging for Brother Branham to come and heal their boy. But Bro. Branham kept insisting that he would pray for the boy but he could do nothing til God had showed the vision.

The parents were frantic. Out of compassion, Bro. Branham agreed to meet with them. The poor little mother ran up to him saying, "Oh, go, heal my baby - go see a vision for my little boy." Patiently he explained that visions come only by the Sovreign Grace of God. He pointed out they were sinners and needed to accept Christ as their Saviour. Kneeling there in the Hall, the young parents gave their hearts to the Lord. they rose from their knees and pleaded with Bro. Branham to go to the hospital. But he insisted he would stay in his room and if God gave a vision for their little boy he would call immediately.

Rushing back to the hospital to be near their son, the parents called every few minutes to see if Bro. Branham had seen a vision for thier boy. This was the third day now and the boy was still unconscious.

Returning to his room, Bro. Branham began to worship the Lord, thanking Him for the wonderous things He had done in Finland. He turned around and laid his Bible on a table. At that moment his brother Howard, came in with some candy. Howard said, "You talk about Canada's candy being flat, taste this." And he give Bro. Branham two little pieces of candy and then left the room again. Bro. Branham just laid the candy down on the table near the Bible; Walking accross the room, he raised his hands and began to worship the Lord again saying, "Oh, great Jehovah, how marvelous You are, wonderful." He was thanking God for healing the little crippled war orphan.

It was then he felt something strange; and when he turned and looked, the Angel was standing by near him. He had a tall vase in His hand. And in the vase was two Easter flowers - daffodils, yellow looking. The Angel set the vase down on the table. And one of these little Easter flowers that was leaning to the north, was laying all the way down, and the other one was wilting, going down. The flowers represented the two young boys in the accident.

Brother Branham described the Angel as being around six feet tall, two hundred pounds, with dark hair to His shoulders, kind of a olive complexion, with His arms folded. Bro. Branham stated that the Angel always approached him from the right side.

Looking at the Prophet, the Angel instructed him to "eat the two pieces" of candy which his brother had given him. Obeying, Bro. Branham placed one of the candy in his mouth and ate it - it tasted pretty good. When he did this, one of the flowers in the vase raised right straight up. Then the Angel said, "Eat the second piece". Again, he obeyed, placing the second candy in his mouth, but it tasted terrible. Bro. Branham spit it out. When he did this the other flower began to wilt down, down, down further. The Angel spoke and said, "Fail, and the boy will die." Putting it back into his mouth, he chewed it real fast and swallowed it. Immediately, the other flower stood right up straight with the first one. Looking toward the Angel, Bro. Branham, saw the Pillar of Fire moved over the Angel and He went up into the Light and went out.

Brother Branham ran from the room to get someone to call the hospital. He told the parents, "Remember, it's THUS SAITH THE LORD, that boy is going to live." The boy recovered immediately and was released from the hospital that day. He lives in Finland today, perfectly, normally and well, because Jesus Christ the Son of God had respect to the prayer of a mother. See? "Not me" said Bro. Branham, "it was the mother's prayer, her promise to God that they would serve Him.

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