Chapter 10

Beginning Again With A Fresh Anointing

After the visitation of the angel, Brother Branham returned to his home with a Fresh Anointing upon his life and ministry. The Angel, by showing him the Scriptures, answered his questions and dissolved his doubts. He knew now that this was a Scriptural Ministry, fulfilling endtime prophecy.

On Sunday evening he spoke in his tabernacle at Jeffersonville and told the Saints of the coming of the Angel and his commission. The people of his church believed in him and loved him. It is to them we go at this time for the continuation of our story of the course of events which were now unfolding rapidly and would soon plummet Brother Branham onto the stage of a national and international ministry.

Branham Tabernacle Witnesses The Supernatural

Just before beginning his world-wide ministry, Brother Branham would serve one more year as the full time Pastor of the Tabernacle in Jeffersonville. That year would indeed be a year of visions and everyone of them came to pass before our very eyes. But the "special signs" which he had received during the visitation of the angel, he told his congregation of this only a few days before he left us to go to St. Louis.

The Congregation of the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, along with thousands of others around the world, believe that William Branham is a Prophet sent from God fulfilling the Prophecies of Malachi 4:5-6; Luke 17:30 and Revelation 10:7. We believe that as John the Baptist foreran the First Coming of Christ, "To make ready a people prepared for the Lord", so William Branham was sent to forerun the Second Coming "To made ready a people prepared for the Lord" - even a people prepared for the resurrection and Rapture.

Most of the Saints here in Jeffersonville have known Bro. Branham since he was a school-boy. Around the world and especially at his home church, he was known and loved for his genuine humble ways. It is true that he has always lived a clean, moral, quiet life, but there was always something else about him that made him a little different from the others he grew up with. Now, for about a year after the coming of the Angel, many here watched in amazement as God through an "Open Vision" ministry unfolded His mysteries, some of which have been more or less hidden since Apostolic days. There are just too many witnesses to the Supernatural to say it wasn't so. This thing wasn't done in a corner.

After his conversion when he began preaching here, we erected a large tent for him and people came from far and near. We realized even then that God was with this man in a special way. From the early days of his ministry many signs and wonders followed him. It seemed that they increased as he moved from one phase of the ministry to another. Being a part of his local church in Jeffersonville, we were priviledged indeed to have seen and heard the things of God firsthand.

It was on Memorial Sunday night in the year 1946, speaking in the tabernacle, that he told of his meeting with the angel, and how the angel told him of the Gift of Healing that he was to take to the peoples of the world, that many thousands of people would be coming to him for healing, and that he would be standing before thousands in packed auditoriums.

Now for a carnally-minded person this seemed absolutely impossible, as this boy was a humble worker, a very poor peasant type, and uneducated. But we had seen other visions of his come to pass, and he spoke this with such certainty, and openly declared it to every one, that we were sure this would come to pass also. He also stated that the angel had declared to him that he would be able to discern disease by supernatural power, and then if he would stay humble that he would be able to discern the thoughts of people's hearts and know their lives - past, present and future. The Angel further told him that even tho this was the Spirit of Christ working through him he would be greatly misunderstood. Continuing to explain the impact this ministry would have on the world, the Angel informed Bro. Branham that he was called from birth for this purpose, and that the last days were here; also that this was the sign of the last days, and by this gift God was calling the Bride of Christ back to the Word.

C<oncerning the "two signs", we recall in Scripture that previous to sending the Prophet, Moses, to bring Israel out of Egypt, God commissioned him in the mountain and gave him "two signs" ( Exodus 4:1-9). One of the sign was in his hand as was also one of the sign given to Bro. Branham - It is a Scriptural Sign.

The second sign William Branham received ( knowing the very secrets of the heart) was indeed Scriptural. Two references will suffice to prove our point: In the Old Testament (Genesis 18:9-15) three heavenly Messengers came to Abraham while he was sitting in the door of his tent. Abraham called 'one' of the Messengers "LORD". It was this "One" who discerned what Abraham's wife, Sarah, was thinking in her heart while she was in the tent behind Him.

In her heart she had laughed when she heard this "One" Messenger say that she would have a son in her old age. He said, "Why did Sarah laugh?" She quickly denied it but HE said, "Nay, but thou didst laugh." This Messenger also knew their names. Instead of calling them Abram and Sarai, He called them Abraham and Sarah. Just prior to this visitation God had appeared to Abram and Sarai and changed their names.

In the New Testament we recalled the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was the WORD made flesh to dwell among us (John 1:1-3). Hebrews 4:12 says, "For the WORD of God is Quick and Powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a Discerner of the Thoughts and Intents of the heart." In speaking to the "woman at the well" in John 4:5-25,29, Jesus discerned the very thoughts and intents of her heart, telling her "all things that she ever did". She ran through the city saying, "Is not this the very Christ?"

When Jesus met Nathanael for the first time He said, "Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile." Nathanael said, "How knowest Thou me?" Jesus responded with these astounding Words, "Before Philip called thee, I saw thee when you were under the fig tree." Seeing this sign Nathanael said, "Thou are the Son of God; Thou art the King of Israel."

With out a doubt, this Prophetic Endtime Ministry is Scriptural. Yes, this Age has seen manifested a Life and Ministry which is comparable to Old Testament Prophets like Moses and Elijah. Because of the "Sign" of knowing the very "Secrets of the Heart", this Ministry can also be compared to that of our Lord Jesus Christ. Most assuredly we believe that William Branham was "A" son of man (prophet) Revealing (Luke 17:30) "THE" Son of Man, the Lord Jesus Christ. Of course Brother Branham, being very humble in all his ways, he does not profess to be a great person. He takes no glory to himself, but gives all the credit to Jesus Christ who saved him and called him. We challenge our readers to study and compare for themselves and "the Lord give you understanding in all things".

Telegram Arrives While Service Was In Progress

News of the Angel's visit to Brother Branham spread quickly. On this Sunday night after the appearance of the angel, Brother Branham was ministering to us in the tabernacle at Jeffersonville, when someone came in and handed him a telegram. It was from St. Louis and it asked him to come and pray for a young girl who was dying. Her name was Betty Daugherty.

The news of what had happened had gotten as far as St. Louis, and now he was asked to come and minister to the girl. This would be the beginning of the fulfillment of what they Angel had told him a few days before. After this we would see him less and less in Jeffersonville. He would return only to preach and record some "special message" that the Lord had laid on his heart for the people.

At the time he received the telegram from St. Louis, Brother Branham worked daily for a living, making only enough to keep his family. He had no money to pay for the train ticket. So we took up an offering to pay his expenses for the trip. We got enough money to pay his way over and back by train coach. He borrowed a suit of clothes from one of his brothers, and a coat from another brother, and at near midnight we put him on the train at Louisville, Kentucky, where he started for St. Louis.

The Healing Of Betty Daugherty

Throughout his journey, Bro. Branham was very calm, knowing that God would not fail him. He knew in himself that the Angel told him that people would call from many miles away seeking his prayers for the sick.

When he arrived at the station in St. Louis he was greeted by Rev. Daugherty, a pastor in the city, who had sent for him to minister to his little daughter, who lay dying with some unknown trouble. The best physicians of the city had been called and they were wholly unable to diagnose her case.

Brother Daugherty said with a weary "We've done all we know to do; our doctors have done likewise. We have prayed and prayed, and many ministers and congregations of the city have fasted and prayed, but seemingly to no avail." Then Brother Branham walked with the father to his home where the dying child lay. He was greeted by the mother and grandfather of the child. Many friends were in the house praying at that time. He looked at the pathetic sight, and the tired parents looked upon him so earnestly as if to say, "Can't you help us?"

Tears rolled down our brother's cheeks as he moved slowly toward the bed. What a sad sight to see a little curly-headed girl, nothing but skin and bones, clawing at her little face like an animal. She was screaming at the top of her voice, which by then had become very hoarse because this had been going on for three months. Brother Branham knelt in the room and prayed with the rest of them. But after prayer was made, seemingly the child was no better.

Brother Branham then asked for a quiet place to pray by himself, so he could see what Jesus Christ would have him to do. He realized that of himself he could do nothing. You will recall reading in the Fifth chapter of John when Jesus healed the lame man at the Pool of Bethesda and left the multitude of lame and blind and halt without healing, He said to the Jews, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing of himself but what he seeth the Father do, for whatsoever things he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise." This is true in the ministry of our brother. Often he sees the thing by vision. It is first shown to him by God and then he merely acts out the drama that he has seen.

Deliverance Comes!

Rev. Daugherty took Brother Branham down to the church. For some three hours, Rev. Daugherty, his father and Brother Branham prayed. After this they returned back to the home to find the scene the same as before. Brother Branham then went into a room by himself to intercede for the child but still nothing happened - no vision came. Then he would walk up and down the street, and finally he sat in the pastor's car that was parked nearby. After a while the car door came open and Brother Branham stepped forward toward the house, this time with a stern look. Something had happened!

Going directly to the house, he was met at the door by the father and grandfather, who, taking one look at his countenance, knew something had happened. He asked them, "Do you believe that I am God's servant?" "Yes," was the cry of the family. "Then do as I tell you, doubting nothing." To the mother he said, "Get me a pan of clean water, and a white cloth. Your child shall live for God has sent his Angel to me and told me that your child shall live."

While the mother was getting the water, the father and the grandfather were asked to kneel, one to the right and one to the left of Brother Branham at the foot of the bed. When the mother returned she was asked to stroke the damp cloth over the face, then the hands, then the feet while Brother Branham was in prayer. Then he said, "Father, as thou hast showed me these things so I have done according to the vision that thou hast given me. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Thy Son, I pronounce this child healed." The evil spirit left the girl immediately. She is a normal, healthy child living in the same community today. People of the city flocked to Brother Branham but he withdrew himself, promising he would return later, which he did, within a few weeks. The City of St. Louis was priviledged to witness the beginning of a world-wide prophetic ministry.

Testimony Of The Father - Rev. Robert Daugherty

"Our little girl, Betty, had been sick for three months. We had two noted doctors of the city, but seemingly they could not find the cause of her sickness. We also had many outstanding ministers of the city and country around, praying for her. She steadily grew worse. Then we sent to Jeffersonville, Indiana, for a man by the name of Rev. William Branham, who has the gift of Divine healing.

Brother Bill, as he is called, came to us at once. After hours of praying, he came in and told us that the Lord had showed him a vision of what to do for our little Betty. She was mere skin and bones and shook all the time as if she had palsy. Brother Bill asked us if we would believe God and would obey what He said to do. After he had prayed and called over her the Name of Jesus, our little girl was immediately healed. That has been about 10 months ago. Our little Betty is now in perfect health and is as fat as she can be. I will be glad to write to anyone in question of her healing, or any of the healings that took place during the revival which Brother Branham held there in St. Louis in 1946."

Rev. Robert Daugherty
2009 Gano Ave.
St. Louis, Missouri

To God Be The Glory

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