Chapter 8


The man William Branham had passed through the refining fire and the metal was now ready for the Masters use.

The time was now drawing near when God was to reveal Himself to William Branham in a manner that would not only radically affect his own ministry, but the result of it was to have a profound effect upon the Christian world.

God was about getting him ready to spearhead one of the greatest revivals the world had ever seen. By the Grace and Call of God, He Became A Giant in the Ministry of Divine Healing. Yet, His ministry was More Than Spiritual Gifts for physical healing.

It would be a sign that would be spoken against by some, but to other multiplied thousands it would be a cause of praise and thanksgiving to God, and to some it was to provide an inspiration that would cause a hundred-fold increase in their ministry. Such was the Anointing upon God's Servant and Prophet, William Branham

The supernatural became a constant everyday thing with this man. Even Devils and Demons recoginized this God-ordained and God-anointed Ministry. It is a notable fact in the Biblical narrative that while have been those who have been specially commissioned of God, demons oddly enough have often given this recognition without delay. The first miracle involved in the ministry of Christ, as recorded in the book of Mark, concerns an odd testimony, coming as it does from an evil spirit.

Jesus had returned to the City of Nazareth to preach the Gospel to those of his home town. The people of that city, however, far from recognizing the identity of the remarkable Person Who was in their midst, strongly resented His apparent change of vocation from a carpenter to that of a Prophet. But the recognition that they withheld, was quickly acknowledged by the demon that possessed the man who was in their synagogue, and who cried out in the presence of Christ, "I know thee who thou art, thou Holy One of God." Similarly, the legion of demons in the maniac of Gadara, as He drew near, cried with a loud voice, "What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou son of the Most High God?"

Again the Apostle Paul, as he began his missionary work in Europe, in the City of Philippi, instead of being accorded a prophet's welcome, was taken by rough hands and thrust into the inner stocks of a prison. But the spirit of divination in a little girl was quick to discern who Paul and Silas were, and it cried out saying, "These men are servants of the Most High God, which show unto us the way of salvation." But what was the testimony of the religious leaders? They condemned him as a spreader of 'false doctrine' - a madman. They failed to realize that there was a change in despensations "from Law to Grace" - a NEW Message was coming forth. So is it today, the religious people - not spiritual people, but religious people - fail to recognize that we're changing despensations, from Grace to Judgment - A NEW Message has come forth to give Rapturing Faith. The old denominational tradition will never meet the need of the hour.

to mention but a few of them. Some others are related in the visions recorded in the latter part of this book. However, one incident that occurred was of such an unusual nature, and because mention has been made of it by Brother Branham on occasions, we shall take note of it at this time. When we consider Bible History, it is not surprising then that the gift which had been destined for the ministry of William Branham, should be recognized by spirits of divination even before he fully understood the purpose of the gift himself. On one occasion as he passed by an astrologist, the woman upon seeing him, motioned him to come over to her, as she wished to speak to him. When he came near she said, "Say, do you know that you were born under a sign and have a gift from God?" Other experiences of such a nature occurred and disturbed him for a time, but later he understood.

As neither Christ nor Paul accepted nor valued the testimony of demons, and rather commanded them to hold their peace, so Brother Branham, of course, does not endorse in any sense the so-called pseudo sciences of astrology or fortune-telling of any kind, even though on occasions their testimony confirms the gift of God. The Lord has plenty of ways of substantiating and vindicating the ministries of his servants without depending on the evidence given by demons. And, of course, the Scriptures speak strictly against the children of God consulting such sources. (Isa. 47:13-14) But it's sad to think that Devils and Demons would rise in judgment against religious leaders and condemn them for their unbelief.

It was in Little Rock, Arkansas that a man had brought his wife to Bro. Branham, asking him to pray for her deliverance. She was insane and at times violent. They had brought her from an institution and took her into the basement of the church. Four men came with her husband to help control her. Before arriving at the church where Brother Branham was preaching she kicked a window out of the car.

Going down into the basement, the Prophet of God found a heavy set woman, young, with her hands and feet sticking right up. She hadn't been on her feet in two years. Her arms and legs were bleeding. The young husband explained to Bro. Branham that two years previous, immediately after the birth of her first child, she lost her mind.

When Bro. Branham went near to pray for her she lashed out at him - he lost his balance and fell to the floor. Quickly, he jumped up and moved to the side. She followed him, crawling on her back like a serpent. She hit her head against a bench and tore the flesh off. Picking up a stick which she had broken from the bench she threw it at her husband and Bro. Branham.

She crawled right up, and said, "William Branham, you have nothing to do with me." And her husband looked over and said, "Why, she don't even know who she is herself. She don't know you." Brother Branham said, "That's not her; that's the devil. That's that devil." Looking toward the woman, he prayed this prayer: "Satan, you realize and do know that I have no power over you, but my Lord does, for He triumphed over you at Calvary. And by a Divine gift given to me by an Angel, which told me to get the people to be sincere and nothing would stand before the prayer. In the Name of Jesus Christ come out of her."

Nothing happened. Her husband standing there in old overalls, threw his arm around Bro. Branham's neck and said, "What must I do with her, Brother Branham?" He instructed the man to take her back to the institution and he believed she would get well.

On the road back that night, they never had one bit of trouble with her. The next morning when the, they come in to get her, she was setting up and spoke to the matron. And the second day she was dismissed from the hospital, perfectly normal and well.

At another time Brother Branham was in a large city for three nights of services. The first one to be prayed for was a small child, whose feet had been drawn up by polio, causing him to have to walk on his toes. Suddenly it seemed as if a bright light had been turned on him. Evangelist T. L. Osborn, who was present at this meeting, thought that a worker back stage had turned a spotlight on Brother Branham, but looking up they discovered it was the Pillar of Fire casting it's Light over Brother Branham and the child.

Bro. Branham himself thought someone had turned on a spotlight. He opened his eyes and looked up, and lo, a Star of Light stood before him. Recalling this incident he says, "I dropped the little boy or either he jumped from my arms - I did not know what happened, for it seemed that every nerve in my body was paralyzed. As he hit the floor his feet became normal, and for the first time in his life he walked naturally off the platform. What God did was marvelous in our eyes. We rejoiced greatly because that many people gave their hearts to Christ that night.

When William Branham reached the place where he determined that his life would be wholly surrendered to God, and that he would do whatever God wanted him to do, the Lord began to bless his ministry above and beyond any other. It was then that the most remarkable visitation of his life (up to that time) occurred, when the angel in person visited him and gave him a solemn commission from the Most High. The story of this climaxing experience will be told in the following chapter by Brother Branham himself.

To God Be The Glory

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