Thirteen months after the birth of their son, Billy Paul, Sister Hope gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. They named her Sharon Rose, after "The Rose of Sharon", our Lord Jesus Christ. It was Brother Branham's joy to come home from work and dote on his little girl. BUT the Joy which this little child brought to Brother Branham would be short lived. Brother Branham would pass through a time of chastening at the hand of God, that would take from him his lovely Young Wife and his beautiful little girl.

Sharon Rose was born on October 27, 1936. Just a few weeks after her birth the storm clouds over Jeffersonville and the surrounding areas begin to thicken. The Flood which Brother Branham had prophesied just a few months previous was about to unleash it's violence upon many towns and villages up and down the Ohio River in that area. In it's wake the flood waters had left a path of destruction, disease, death and a devastating blow to God's young Prophet. This you will see as you progress further into the "Hightlights" of the Life of William Branham.

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