At the time of Rebekah's Caesarean birth, the Doctor had advised the Branhams that Sister Meda couldn't have more children. Being 37 years old, Brother Branham thought that perhaps this would be the extent is his family. But in the summer of 1950, he received some startling news. He had been studying the life of Joseph in the Bible and while in prayer he was thanking God for a 'man like Joseph'. During this time, the Angel came to him and said, "You shall have a son by your wife Meda, and you shall call his name Joseph."

This was in direct contradiction of the Doctor's expressed medical opinion, but, like Abraham, he "considered not" the Doctor's evidence. God had said that he would have a son by Meda, and his name would be Joseph and that settled it. Therefore, he began to tell the people what the Angel had said and they waited for Joseph to come along.

Four years later Sister Meda was found to be with child again. On Monday, March 19, 1951, she gave birth (again Caesarean) to a little girl. This wasn't Joseph but Brother Branham thanked God for the Child and named her Sarah, after Abraham's Wife. He never doubted for a moment that Joseph was coming.

Sarah was also priviledged to see the supernatural manifested in her father's life and ministry. When Brother Branham was at home, the supernatural was present. She was also in the back seat of Brother Branham's car the night of the Fatal Crash which left her mother and herself with critical injuries; But the accident claimed the life of God's servant and prophet, her father.

Today Sarah is married with a large family and she continues to serve the Lord her father had so faithfully preached about.

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