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Believers International is a non-profit organization dedicated to the continuing worldwide ministry of  William Marrion Branham. The day to day operations are under the supervision of Brother George Smith and Sister Rebekah (Branham) Smith. The resources made available to the Body of Believers through their ministry continues to be a tremenduous blessing, providing an insight into the private and public life of "The Man Sent From God". In producing the Compendium, they are providing the believers with a balanced approach and insight into "The Message Sent From God" to this endtime generation.

The Smith family are also the Caretakers of the "William Branham Memorial." The preceeding link will give you a brief explanation of how the Memorial came into being.

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For information on how to obtain resources please contact the Believers International at one of these E-Mail addresses:

[email protected]

Or Write:

Believers International
P.O. Box 1000
Elizabethton, TN.
U.S.A. 37644-1000

Video: " In The Footsteps Of A Prophet -
Green's Mill Cave".
This video is available at cost.

Allow us to take you on a video tour "TO", and then "INTO" the Cave where God, in the form of the Pillar of Fire or through His Angel, communed with His Servant - The Prophet to this Endtime Age.

The Compendium: Volumes 1 - 4:

The Compendium consists of quotes on selected topics from "The Works of WILLIAM BRANHAM". All quotes are arranged by subject matter, in alphabetical order; The quotes for each topic covered is arranged in chronological order.

This Resource is available at low cost. Please contact Believers International at one of the E-mail addresses listed above. Once you have registered with Believers International to receive The Compendiums you will receive one set of quotes every 4 - 6 weeks

The Spoken Word Binders.

Three Ring binders for the single sermon booklets published by The Voice Of God Recordings. Take your booklets to a print shop and have them punched and insert them in these binders to keep them in order. This Resource is available at low cost. Please contact Believers International at one of the E-mail addresses listed above.

The Only Believe M agazine.

Presently, this publication is not available on a regular monthly basis. It is published as often as time permits. The staff consists mainly of Bro. George, Sis. Rebekah, and their immediate family. Other duties and responsiblities, especially preparing quotes for the Compendium, conducting tours of the William Branham Memorial, and other ministries require much of their time. We certainly covet your prayers for the work here at Believers International.

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