In The Life Of
William Marrion Branham


America Turns Down Her Opportunity: Jan. 16, 1956. Never before had a Gentile nation had so many Gospel Preachers, Bible Teachers and Evangelists call for repentance toward God. Never before had a Gentile nation witnessed what America has witnessed in "Signs and Wonders". The fanaticism does not excuse us from acknowledging the True and Genuine move of God in America, in a 20th. Century Prophet.

The Three Pulls Of His Ministry: April 08, 1956. The same Angel that came to him in the cave in 1946 now shows William Branham HOW his ministry would come to it's climax in "Three Pulls" (Phases). At this point in his ministry God was preparing him for the Third and Final Pull (Phase).

Baby Raised From The Dead:
1957. This resurrection was one of five cases where the 'resurrection life' was manifested. God was proving that this ministry was a "sign of the resurrection".

Squirrels Are Created:
October 8, 1959 and November 7, 1959. First the world saw the 'sign in the hand' and the sick was healed; Secondly, the world witnessed the 'Messiah Sign', discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart; Now, the 'Spoken Word' is manifested.

Resurrection Of A Little Fish:
September 1959. Again the "Spoken Word" is manifested and God confirms His Lordship over ALL creation. Also, the Lord confirms that 'This Ministry' being revealed through William Branham was and is a "Sign of the resurrection".

Sister Hattie's Request:
November 1959. Another manifestation of the "Spoken Word", showing the very Presence of Him who 'stilled the storm' and raised the dead - He was and is alive and with us.

Beyond The Curtain Of Time:
May 8, 1960. On this morning William Branham woke up early. It seemed that in the room he could hear someone singing that song, "Let me look past the curtain of time". Then he heard a Voice say, "Would you like to see beyond the curtain of time?"

The Altar Of Fire Appears:
July 20-24, 1960, Lakeport, California. Once again the mechanical eye of the camera caught a glimpse of the Supernatural. This time the camera caught exactly what Ezekiel saw (by vision) in his day (Ezekiel 1:26-28), even 'the glory of the Lord'.

Revelation Of The Seven Church Ages - Plus:
December 4, 1960 to January 8, 1961. In Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, William Branham was anointed to expound to the Church the understanding of Revelation Chapters one to four. The Word of the Lord came to His Servant, the Prophet, to "restore all things" and line the Church up with the Word.

Pillar Of Fire Draws Ages On The Tabernacle Wall: January 8, 1961. When William Branham had finished his drawing of the Seven Church Ages on the blackboard, God Himself came down in the building to vindicate the c orrectness of it.

Vision Of The Caribou And Silver Tipped Grizzly:
September 1961. For a long time William Branham wondered 'WHY' God would show him such a vision. According to the vision both animals would have a unique characteristic. WHEN and WHERE it would be fulfilled he did not know until.....

Ella Branham Dies:
October 27, 1961. His father, having passed away when only fifty-two years old, William Branham became close to his mother. Her passing was sad indeed for him, but faithful to his calling he remained at his post of duty even in the hour of her death.

Hood (Shadow) Of Death Photographed: June 9, 1962. W illiam Branham stood at the pulpit, with the Anointing upon him. He looked toward a lady sitting in the congregation and said, "Lady, there's a dark shadow over you... You're shadowed to death"...

Vision: Death of Marilyn Monroe:
August 1962. There is much controversy over the 'death' of Marilyn Monroe. Many are still trying to answer the question - "WHAT caused her death?" To those who believe William Branham to be a Prophet of God, that question is settled...



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